Thursday, December 6, 2007

FlyLady is the BOMB!!!!

Hello all.

I'm trying to blog more, and am finding that I just need to "do it."

Ya know? - Just like basically everything in life - I just need to "do it."

Whether it's reading the scriptures with my wife IN THE MORNING, or practicing a talent (music, art, writing, etc), or blogging, or cleaning our house.

Ok - that is the point of this post. My mom recently told the cutest person on earth (that would be my wife :) ) about FlyLady. Wow - all I can say is EVERYONE should give it a go.

Go ahead.

Click on that link - here it is again if you're lazy: .

We have just started the first step - Cleaning your kitchen sink.

Yes - that's it. But you have to do it EVERY DAY!

You will find that alone will make a HUGE difference in your home/house.

Ohhh - my wife just walked in - time to go.

I'll post later.


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